Robin’s Relief Benefit Auction

Robin's Relief Benefit Auction

An accidental dog bite on Christmas, and a couple days later a woman was fighting for her life due to a rare bacterial infection. Robin Sullins has lost her legs and fingers, but not her spirit, not her hope, and not her family’s love and support. She and her family still need help, financially, for tremendous medical bills that have piled up and are still mounting. (You can find more info about Robin, her family, the accident, and her progress here.)

I don’t know Robin, but I have been inspired by her sister Angi, the bright soul who founded Duirwaigh Studios. Starting February 14th, Duirwaigh is running Robin’s Relief Benefit Auction, with art donated by a multitude of artists (including Michael Parkes, Alan Lee, John Howe, Kinoku Craft, Wendy Froud, and David Delamare among many others) who have come together in support of this family.

I have donated one of my favorite leather masks that I’ve yet made, a Scaled Ram’s Horned Dragon that is several gorgeous shades of deep purple. I hope you will check out the auction and all its beautiful works of art, and consider bidding in support. Thank you!

Update, 2/22: It seems eBay has taken down every single item from the Relief Auction, including the ones that had bids on them. 😦 I’ll update again when it’s sorted out.

Update, 2/23: eBay has allowed the items to be relisted, but at much cost to Duirwaigh. The volunteers had to list everything on their own time all over again. The bids were not restored, and the item URLs are different now, so previous links are invalid. I’ve updated the links here.

Update, 3/2: eBay has taken down the auctions AGAIN. This is unbelievable. You can read the details of the ongoing saga here.

Update, 3/3: eBay has apologized and the auctions are back up… hopefully for good this time. It seems they are not allowing Duirwaigh to post information about Robin’s Relief on the listings anymore.

Deep purple Scaled Ram's Horned Dragon Mask by Eirewolf


~ by eirewolf on February 12, 2013.

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