Handmade leather pirate eye patches


Ahoy there, mateys, and avast! Fix yer good eye on these here eye patches, fit fer the pirate with discernin’ good taste! These beauties be handmade by an artisan from sturdy leather, and not mass-produced in a landlubber’s factory, so ye know yer gettin’ somethin’ fine and unique. These here eye patches, they be treasures in themselves.

If yer not a true sea dog, well, more’s the pity…. but ye can still pretend to be so free and blessed by the sea! These pirate eye patches be smart costume pieces for Halloween, yer local Renaissance Faire, or Talk Like a Pirate Day. (Ye can tell yer scurvy coworkers to walk the plank!)

Want to know where to find these here pirate eye patches, as well as other handmade leather masks?  X marks the spot.




~ by eirewolf on February 3, 2013.

2 Responses to “Handmade leather pirate eye patches”

  1. You do beautiful work. Do you have any eye patches with spades, diamonds, hearts, or clubs?

    • Thank you very much, Eric! I do not *yet* have such eye patches, but I could certainly be persuaded to make them! If you’d like to commission a specific design (or multiple designs), send me a note at eirewolfcreations at gmail dot com. Thanks!

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