A Cat Dragon, and a tandem-saddled Dragon Snail

So, if you only know me through my blog, you may have thought I dropped off the planet, or that fairies carried me away after my last post about the sculpting seminar. But I was workin’ on stuff! 🙂 Here are two commissions that I finished fairly recently.

The Dragon Snail “Second Sight” was inspired by “First Sight” (which can be seen a few posts down). The gal that commissioned him saw First Sight and wanted a similar one for her little ball-jointed fairy dolls to ride, but he was too small. So I created a big brother. The saddle is tandem, built for two! She wanted something earthy and wizardy, so I made the saddle as if it grew both naturally and according to the whims of magic. I love mushrooms. I had a lot of fun with that saddle. You can see more pics on my website by clicking here.

Dragon snail with tandem fairy saddle

Back of Dragon Snail tandem fairy saddle with mushrooms and baby snail shell.

Felis Draconis, AKA Cat Dragon, was commissioned by a friend as a gift for his mother, who has an extensive dragon collection (and also adores cats). He wanted to give her something that you can’t find on the shelves of a gift shop (those havens of mass production), or in “Dragons-R-Us,” as he put it. 🙂 He gave me total free rein on the design, which of course is my dream commission.

Felis Draconis AKA Cat Dragon, OOAK polymer clay sculpture

Felis Draconis AKA Cat Dragon, OOAK polymer clay sculpture

Are those real whiskers? Indeed they are. (My cat is unaware of her generous donation, as she shed them naturally.) Click here for more pics of Felis Draconis on my website.

Click here for my FAQ, which includes info on commissions!


~ by eirewolf on February 28, 2010.

6 Responses to “A Cat Dragon, and a tandem-saddled Dragon Snail”

  1. Oh my Goodness! I LOVE the cat dragon! And the little shroom saddle is too cool. You do such awesome work!
    I’ve hung on to a few whiskers myself but they were collected more for painting fine details …never would’ve thought of using them for a sculpture 😉

  2. Okay, first of all: your sculptures are truly amazing! Secondly: thank you so much for contributing to my fundraising for the 3 Day & helping spread the word!! You rock.

  3. Hi, I found you via Total Art Soul. I like your work. I am making dragon eggs for an out door exhibition next year so of course when I saw what you make I clicked over to your website. I am pleased that I did. cheers Kim

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