Back from the sculpting seminar with Deb Wood

About a month ago I took a week-long sculpting seminar with the lovely and talented Deb Wood. I’ve taken so long to write about it partly because I was still absorbing this wonderful experience and partly because I’d rather be working on the fairy I sculpted there, than writing on my blog. ^_^ But my fairy is finished now, and so I write. She is not quite as refined as I would like, simply because we had 5 days to completely finish sculpting, and the class was moving on regardless of whether or not my meticulous tendencies were satisfied! We had things to learn, and learning is most effective if perfectionism is (at least temporarily) discarded. So I took lots of notes and made an imperfect but really cute if-I-do-say-so-myself fairy! (I finished her costume, hair, wings, and base at home after the retreat.) I named her “Windsor,” after the wine-country town we were staying in for the seminar. Pictures are forthcoming at the end of the post.

There were 8 other students in the class — not too many, so it was a very cozy atmosphere and we were all able to get to know each other a little bit. The best part of the seminar was learning sculpting and costuming tricks from Deb; the other best part was being with a fun group of people who understand and share my compulsion to create tiny fantasies out of clay.

And now I have to sculpt alone again. *sigh* But I have some great memories (and a fairy) to keep me company!

Many of the supplies were provided by Judy of OOAK Artist Emporium!

An off-topic FYI: I got 3 commissions in a row almost as soon as I returned home, so commissions are closed until sometime after Valentine’s Day. But inquiries are always welcome! 🙂 See my FAQ for details about commissions.


~ by eirewolf on October 29, 2009.

4 Responses to “Back from the sculpting seminar with Deb Wood”

  1. Erin, She is fabulous!!! What don’t you like about her? What 3 commissions did you get? How exciting!! This is my best month so far at the gallery so I’m jazzed too! Love you, Mum

  2. Thanks Mum. ^_^ I like her; I just didn’t have time to smooth her or do a lot of detail work. She has lumpy legs, no arches in her feet, no knuckles on her hands, not much muscle tone, and I gave her too much hair. But don’t tell her that I said those things; she might tie my hair in knots while I’m sleeping. (Except my hair is short….)

    Congrats about the gallery! I’ll email you about the commissions.


  3. Letting you know you have a Blog Award! Drop on in and pick it up… Yes I find your blog Creative and Inspiring 🙂

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