First Sight — a blind Dragon Snail

Available now in my Etsy shop!

First Sight - blind Dragon Snail

This beautiful Dragon Snail was born blind. No need to pity him, though…. He more than makes up for his lack of sight through his other senses, and “sees” the world more completely than you or I do with our eyes wide open. His curved horns and shell help funnel sound vibrations, and his tongue and other organs give him a plethora of sensory information. He is renowned among his fellow Dragon Snails for being a cunning and efficient hunter.

First Sight is #16 in my Dragon Snail™ series. He is 4″ (~10 cm) long and 2.5″ (~6 cm) tall. His eyes are white tiger’s eye beads, and he is painted in several layers with Genesis Heat Set Artist Oils.

Polymer clay and real seashell.

He’s available now in my Etsy shop!  You can see more pictures of him at my gallery site.

In other news, I picked up “Mean Old Goat” and “Candy is Dandy” from the exhibit!  It felt a bit like a mom picking her kids up from camp.  I missed them.  🙂  The Mean Old Goat is ready for a new home though — she’s available in my Etsy shop now.

Candy is Dandy will take a bit longer to get into my shop. I learned something new this week! Acrylic paint is like a dust magnet, and it doesn’t let go easily. Since it was sitting on a pedestal out in the open for six months, it got pretty well dustified, so I will need to take care of that before I list it for sale. Nothing got broken though! I am relieved. I was terrified that little hands might not be able to resist. (EDIT: Candy is Dandy is cleaned up good as new, and in my Etsy shop!)

I heard from more than one person that Candy is Dandy reminds them of Dr. Suess. This makes me happy. 🙂


~ by eirewolf on August 5, 2009.

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