Free shipping, what I’m working on, and getting my ducks in a row

Just a quick note to let you know: Free shipping on all sculptures in my Etsy shop, June 10th-14th (2009)! There are lots of great deals on @Etsy for the “Yart Sale;” check it out! (“Yart Sale” = Art + Yard Sale.)

As for what I’ve been up to lately… I was working on that fox mask for a while (see 2 posts back), in paper maché. I’ve discovered that I am not a great fan of the long and messy process of paper maché… at least until you get to the part with the surface details (which I didn’t). The mask form I was working on was apparently cast from a Neanderthal. I swear, this guy has the most a-typical features in the world — not good for a mask form. He has a huge head and very strangely shaped features, which ends up meaning that the mask is too big for my face but also manages to pinch the bridge of my nose. Very frustrating. I want my masks to be wearable by most people, not just Neanderthals. 🙂

Long story short, I have put away my maskmaking stuff for the time being. I may pick it up again later. But I decided that I need to (and want to) focus on polymer clay miniatures right now, and the masks were being a distraction. I’m very good at finding distractions and shiny things and new (for me) art forms, which are all very good things in their own right, but end up tearing my focus to shreds and sending it every which way.

So! Right now, I am sculpting a duck. Yes, a duck. I’ve never sculpted a bird before, and a friend of mine may want to commission a series of ducks (so she can get them all in a row, you see), and so I am trying one to see if I am any good at it. And when it is finished, I shall share, and you all shall be the judges.

So far, I am liking this duck. Maybe it will help me get mine in a row too. 🙂


~ by eirewolf on June 10, 2009.

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