What does my art say about me?

Melody Peña, the sculptor behind Windstone Editions, wrote a blog entry today that really made me think about why I do what I do.  She’s been pondering the ultimate reason for art, the burning question that it answers for her.  Go read her short blog entry, and then come back.

Go ahead, I’ll wait:  –>link to Melody’s blog<–

Did you read it?  Good.  For the lazy sloths who didn’t (and for continuity’s sake), the question that Melody asks when she looks at art is “What is it like to be this artist?  Who is the artist as a unique person?  What is it like to look through her eyes?”  Okay, that’s three questions, and I’m paraphrasing (or expanding; I’m not sure which).  But it made me think about what my own art might say to someone.

Experiencing art is a very personal thing, and everyone will have their own reactions to it (or none at all).  I certainly don’t want to tell anyone how they should feel when they look at my art.  I would actually love to hear how you feel when you look at my art – what it says to you – even if it’s wildly different from what I’m about to say.  Artists live for this stuff, you know.  Please leave a comment!

Speaking of comments (and segues), the following was my response to the question Melody asked at the end of her blog: “So, you as an artist; what does your art say about you to all generations to come?”

(…) My sculptures are mostly fantasy creatures, sometimes with a “cuteness” factor, and they don’t overtly say anything of profound social importance.  But they do indeed say something about me, about what moves me.  If one were to listen closely, one might hear them say that I am fascinated by the whole and the minutiae of Nature, that I am in awe of the created order (and the apparent chaos), and the Hand behind it.  By sculpting these creatures that don’t exist in Nature, I am participating in the creation of new things, and I get to feel a tiny hint of what the Creator of the universe must feel.  “This didn’t exist before, and now it does!”

That, to me, is magical.  I hope that it comes through, at least in some small part, at least to some few people, when they see my work.


And on an unrelated side note, since I’m here: TAX DAY DEAL! 20% off everything in my Etsy shop, April 15th only! After that, I’ll continue the tax relief with 10% off for the rest of April. Enjoy! 🙂


~ by eirewolf on April 14, 2009.

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