Merit awards, Girl Scouts, and Dragon Snails, oh my!

I just got back from the opening of the 2009 Sculpture Exhibition (sponsored by the Santa Clara Cultural Advisory Commission in cooperation with the Triton Museum of Art), where I got a nice surprise… I won a merit award for Candy is Dandy!  *warm fuzzies*  That was really cool, but it wasn’t even the best part of the event.  A troop of Girl Scouts was there, doing volunteer service by handing out brochures for the show.  I was told on multiple occasions that my sculptures (Candy is Dandy and Mean Old Goat) were the popular favorites among the girls.  It was like my own little People’s Choice award!  *big grin*  Thanks, Girl Scouts!  And thank you, Cultural Advisory Commission!  You put on a great show.

In other news…  Kinoko, my Dragon Snail with the mushroom-and-driftwood base, is available for sale!  Please take a peek in my Etsy shop for details.  (Pictures of Kinoko may also be seen in the two blog posts preceding this one, or in my gallery.)


~ by eirewolf on January 24, 2009.

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