Unfinished business

So I haven’t posted in quite a while.  This is for several reasons —

(1) I have nothing finished to show quite yet… though I’m getting very close.

(2) I have been lazy about taking WIP pictures, so I have nothing unfinished to show either… though I have several WIPs.

(3) I’m a bad, bad blogger.  *slaps self on wrist*

But I posted a long response to a question in somebody’s journal on deviantART, and figured it might as well do double duty and get thrown on my blog too.  🙂  As you can see from the following lines, she asked about unfinished projects.  And though I have no pictures to share just yet, I do have words.  Many words.

I have a large paper maché dragon head that’s been in the same state of unfinished-ness for, literally, several years now.  It’s sitting on the floor of my studio, looking at me with forlorn and baleful eyes.

The piece I’m desperately trying to finish now is an old satyr woman.  She’s nearly done, but I’m putting hair on her legs.  This is the most tedious thing I’ve ever done.  (Scratch that.  It’s the most tedious thing I’ve done since a certain project in a 3D design class, in which I had to make a functional weight-bearing chair out of nothing but newspaper and glue.  Seriously.)

I have another piece (a new Dragon Snail, with a mushroom environment) which is also nearly done; I just have to paint the display shelf and put a bit of fake moss on it.  Why didn’t I just finish that one before trying to finish the satyr?  I dunno.

And then I have several abandoned pieces (most are broken, some I just got bored of), and a few armatures that are waiting for me to save them from their nakedness.  I’ll get to them someday.

But once these WIPs are good and done, I’ll be starting a whole new art form — maskmaking.  I’ll still do polymer clay stuff in between, but I’ve had this bug for a while and I *need* to get started.  So I’ll have some unfinished things sitting around for a good long while.  😀

Fear not, however… I am truly almost done with 2 full projects, and a couple of little experimental things.  I’m saving them all so I can photograph them at the same time.  Soon… Very soon.  🙂


~ by eirewolf on September 23, 2008.

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