On Meeting Other Artists, and Learning to Sculpt Realism

Two weekends ago, I attended a sculpting seminar and retreat with some folks from the Art Dolls Sculpture Group (ADSG on eBay). I met some wonderful fun people that I’d only previously met online, and learned some really cool stuff. Instructor Karen Williams Smith taught hands and feet, and did a face demo and lecture. Christina Pirnie taught how she makes her gorgeous fairy wings and crowns, and Linda Lehr talked a bit about different kinds of hair you can use to wig an art doll. Several generous sponsors donated materials and gifts, including Judy of My Wycked Ways and Susie of Faeries by Susie, who were also there as students.

Erin at the Art Doll Sculpting Group seminar and retreat

First I want to say how wonderful it was to be among a group of people who understand what the heck I’m talking about! 🙂 I love my non-artist family and friends dearly, but there are some things I want to talk about that are just lost on them. It’s kinda’ like when my husband tries to talk to me about the stuff he does with the computers at work — most of that information flies right over my head, but when he’s with his geek buddies, they can have an actual conversation about it. I do have a couple of local sculptor friends, but they tend to work with very different themes and materials than I do. It was so lovely that weekend, to be able to hang out with people that “get” what I do. I miss them!

Anyway, now, I’m trying to practice what I learned at the retreat. I worked on another hand, and now I’m trying to do a face like Karen demonstrated. She did a wonderful face in just a couple of hours. She taught some great principles, and I took lots of notes. So far my abilities at sculpting an anatomically correct human face have no reflection on her abilities as a good instructor. I can sculpt a damn fine alien face without even trying. Problem is, I was *trying* to sculpt a *human* face.

See, I have no problem sculpting an anatomically believable dragon. This could have something to do with the fact that nobody has ever seen a real one, so who knows what it’s actually supposed to look like? I know where *I* think the bones and muscles should be on a particular dragon, and the shapes and locations of such might change for the next dragon.

Maybe that’s why I love fantasy and whimsy so much. It is what I want it to be. Still, it would be nice to be able to sculpt something “real” if I want to. So it’s back to the sculpting table. 🙂


~ by eirewolf on April 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “On Meeting Other Artists, and Learning to Sculpt Realism”

  1. How come all the cool stuff is on the West Coast! I am jealous! It looks like a bunch of fun!

  2. I think they’ve started an annual sculpting retreat in Indiana. Deb Wood was the instructor last year. I wished I could’ve gone to that one, too!

  3. […] can’t wait to meet everybody. I met two of the other students at last year’s retreat, and I’ve “met” a few of the others in online groups. I’m looking forward […]

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