Feeling sheepish…

This is my sheep-in-progress. Doubtless she shall receive her name when she is finished and reaches her owner, because Carol likes to name things (and she’s quite good at it, too).


This is a follow-up sheep to Jacob’s Lamb, who was later named “Felice.” Felice was put out to the proverbial pasture, I’m afraid… I noticed while I was at her owner’s house recently that her wool was coming off, and so I offered to fix it. Once I got her home, another friend noticed that her ear was cracked! 😦 Now, I sculpted Felice before I knew that Not All Clays Are Created Equal. I won’t name the nefarious clay, but let’s just say it isn’t so “super,” at least in my experience. (I know that some others have used it with success for a long time, however, and I hope it continues to treat them well, but the stuff has been banished from my sculpting table after repeated disappointments and screaming fits of frustration.) Seeing as how Felice was now half-deaf, and her wool refused to patch nicely anyway, I decided to sculpt a new sheep for my friend, with her blessing, in the stronger clay that I now use. (I know someone will ask… it’s Puppen Fimo.) 🙂

In the above picture, her hind legs are only roughed out, her head needs work, and she is completely deaf, but all of that shall be remedied this week if all goes well. In the picture below, she is trying on a new pair of eyes. I think she likes them…. 🙂

sheep trying on new eyes

Aliens bleat among us…


~ by eirewolf on September 2, 2007.

12 Responses to “Feeling sheepish…”

  1. I love the last line…. too funny! The sheep is coming along great! Your friend is quite lucky to have you!

  2. 😀 Thanks, Sooz!

  3. I love your blog. And your sheep looks great. I love the alien look 😉

  4. Thank you Darlene! hehe

    My alien sheep is almost done… She’s in the oven right now (and looking less alien). 🙂

  5. so does she have a name yet? you know.. you could call her
    i love her..


  6. She does have a name now! It’s “Felice (the Second).” hehe

    I like your name for her too! 😀

  7. What was the “bad” clay? Was it sculpty? I’ve had lots of trouble with that stuff. Just about everything I created with it eventually cracks over time… I’ve used their softer flexable stuff and had better luck.

  8. Yes, it was Super Sculpey. I love how easy it is to sculpt with, but I hate how weak it is when baked. I’ve not tried the flexible kind. Is it fairly easy to sculpt with, or is it mushy/sticky?

  9. It’s a bit softer then the “super” kind and can get sticky if warmed or manipulated too much. For durability, I have to say, I can make something wearable out of it. I made a butterfly barrette that lasted quite a few years before losing the delicate antennae, otherwise it is still intact. (I made one of those flapping wing kinds when that was the fad.) I’ve had things drop and survive the fall with the flexible kind. The downside I don’t see it sold in mass quantities. It’s sold in kits with multiple colors. I wish they would broaden their line with that stuff. I think compared to the “super” kind this is an improvment.

    The final baked product will be somewhat soft and can bend a little.

  10. I forgot to say, you can get pretty detailed with that stuff if you keep it from getting too warm. I’ve made little bugs and mini flowers out of the stuff. The baked product has a vinyl, Femo like feel.

  11. Interesting! Thanks for the info! 🙂

  12. (Sorry, that last one was my post, I just wasn’t logged in.)

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