My entries for the local sculpture exhibit

I turned in my entry for the sculpture exhibit yesterday. I’m glad that’s done! I am actually submitting 3 pieces, and I decided to show them here. Critiques are most welcome (even though it’s too late for the show), so long as they are constructive.

Here’s a closeup of the Dragon Runt. (He is about 6.5 inches tall, if you are wondering.)

This is the first Dragon Snail I ever created, with repainted eyes. He is bigger than my others (about 14 inches long), and except for the horns is not made of polymer clay, but of beeswax and sundry other things:

And here’s a full-body shot of the Bloodbellied Glimmerwing. She is 10 inches long.

You can see more pics of the fairy dragon here:


~ by eirewolf on August 22, 2007.

10 Responses to “My entries for the local sculpture exhibit”

  1. Very nice dragon, lovely colours.
    Your creatures are amazing.

  2. Thank you, Stuart! You’re my very first commenter. 🙂

  3. I have bookmarked your blog on my account as I know I will want to visit later. Perhaps you could post your butterfly tute here? I have a blogger account — and I know I can key certain posts on the side for future reference. Thank you for sharing your work again!

  4. You’ve created another masterpiece Erin! Can you share if the colors are paint or a magical ability you have to blend the clay that way?! You should win first prize in that exhibit.
    Take care!

  5. Well not EVERYONE on the net has a blog, your old mom doesn’t and doesn’t plan to (but who knows, I never thought I’d be making my own beads either!) So what technique did you use to make Dragon Snail’s new eyes?

  6. Thanks everybody! 🙂

    Heather, thank you for the bookmarks! I appreciate it. I may put that tutorial here in the future, or at least link to it. I have to find it first, though; it may have been deleted when I took down the forum.

    Julie, thanks! This one’s colors are a mixture of Genesis heat-set oil paints and Pearl-Ex pigment powders. Part of his wings are heat-fusible fibers/film (Textiva).

    Mom, you’ll be a blogger yet. 😉 The Dragon Snail’s new eyes are simply painted. They used to be green, but they “pop” much more now, I think.

  7. LOve your work Erin !I too am interested in fantasy sculpts and yours are fantasmagical !!!

  8. Thank you Annette! 🙂

  9. Hi.

    Thanks for sharing your beautifully crafted pieces 🙂


    I just came across your blog when I Googled about Fusible Film.

    As I’m a Community Artist working in N. Ireland, an older womens group have given me the challenge of finding out how to help them make butterflies that they feel represent them… complete with photos fused into the wings.

    I seem to be having difficulties finding exact details of how to do this, while also guaranteeing the pics won’t get damaged.

    Any suggestion?

    Loads a thanks in advance for any help given:)


  10. Hi Mel,

    I’ve never tried incorporating photos into the fusible film, but you might try experimenting by printing photos onto transparencies or clear vellum, and then sandwiching that between layers of film with an iron (not too hot; you don’t want to melt the photo). I wouldn’t use irreplaceable photos — too scary! 🙂 Good luck! I hope you come back to share how things turned out.


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