My resistance was futile… I have been assimilated.

So I finally decided I need a blog.

Was it the fact that everyone else on the ‘net seems to have one? “Everybody’s doin’ it?” Ha! Hardly. If anything, that’s why I’ve resisted for so long. 🙂

I did it because of guilt.

Let me explain… It is not because I feel some misplaced sense of guilt for not having a blog. (How weird would that be?) It’s because I decided that I need more guilt in my life. (Aaaaand, how weird is that?) Well, perhaps “motivation” is a better word than guilt here.

I’ll be blogging to chart my progress on my sculptures and other artistic endeavors, and I figure if people are reading about it, I’ll be more motivated to give them something to look at… therefore (hopefully) creating More. Faster. Better. 🙂 I figure it’s also a good way to share tips and techniques, and to keep track (for myself) of how I did something. Some selfishness, some altruism…. I’m doing this for me, really, but if someone else benefits from it — even better.

I’ll probably only blog about new pieces, so if you want to see previous finished work, you can trot on over to my gallery web site ( If you’re curious about commissions and whatnot, you can check out my FAQ over there.

So, whether ye be friend or stranger… Welcome! Please comment, say hello, ask questions, so I can have some idea of who is out there in the ether, viewing my organized electrons. 🙂


~ by eirewolf on August 14, 2007.

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